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To make a positive impact on the quality of life for the communities we serve.


To simplify and inspire a healthy quality of life through our network of trusted service partners and products.

Sherry Bennett

Founder & Managing Director

Founded on Compassion

Sherry Bennett is the Founder and Managing Director of Bayview Concierge. She has an extensive background in the Family Services Industry assisting countless individuals as they manage the logistics of life. 

Her logistics and caregiving expertise inspired Sherry to launch Bayview Concierge in 2012 to make life and living easier for individuals and  families. She is a business professional who values collaboration, communication, education and compassion. Sherry is also a recent graduate of the Compassionate Integrity Training through the global organization called, “Charter for Compassion.” 

In 2015, Sherry began a journey of discovery that would change her life and business. Through her work with clients, she soon discovered that there was a strong interest for medical cannabis education and treatment. Sherry answered the call by launching “Let’s Talk Cannabis,” a platform designed to educate and inspire an ongoing discussion about the healing potential of medical cannabis treatment.

Recently, Bennett was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by the King Chamber of Commerce, (Excellence in Business Awards), citing her innovation and education on medical cannabis for professionals and the community at large.