Most frequent questions and answers

How does the online directory work?

Bayview Concierge is an online referral agency catering to seniors.   We connect discerning clients with our select network of trusted service partners and products – that is our strength.   Our vetted business partners are specialists in the Legal, Financial, Health and Wellness, Home and Lifestyle areas.  

What geographical areas do you serve?

We service the Greater Toronto Area, with a primary focus on York Region.  As a high quality brand, we have carefully selected our service partners and suppliers to help families manage the logistics of life.  Our Mission is to simplify, and inspire a healthy quality of life for the communities we serve.

Top 3 Reasons To Contact Us


Our team of specialists will connect you with accredited service providers to help you gain peace of mind.


We have spent decades building our network of trusted service partners.


Our expert knowledge and attentiveness to your unique situation will save you time and energy.

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